Tom Cheng

I am currently a Master's student in Learning Design and Technology at Stanford University, working under the supervision of Prof. Dora Demszky. As a UI/UX Researcher, I apply the Design Thinking process to research and optimize user experience for web and mobile applications. This involves using data mining, analytics, user interviews, and more.

At Stanford, I developed two language-learning apps, Impromptu and Say, which are now available in App Stores. Before joining Stanford, I completed my undergraduate studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a focus on English Education, and taught in secondary schools in Hong Kong for four years.

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Ed-tech Projects
impromptu Impromptu: A Generative AI-Powered Tool for Improving English Speaking Abilities
Tom Cheng
Mobile Application, 2023

Impromptu is a mobile application that utilizes speech recognition and generative AI to provide timely, informative feedback to secondary-school English learners on their spoken responses.

say Say: Your Language Learning Gym
Diego Salvatierra, Tom Cheng
Mobile Application, 2023

Say is a mobile application that helps learners pick up a new language by building their own phrases and practicing pronunciation with the AI Language Buddy.

codingcusp CodingCUSP: Contextualized, User-Focused, Structured Pathways for Learning Text-Based Coding
Nathan Lin, Raycelle Garcia, Tom Cheng
Browser-based web application, 2023

CodingCUSP is a browser-based web application that helps learners transition from block-based programming languages to text-based languages, such as Python, by providing a scaffolded learning environment with contextualized coding tasks and situated worked examples.

flip Investigating the Impact of Flip as a CSCL tool on ESL Learners’ Speaking Ability
Tom Cheng
Research Proposal, 2023

This research proposal explores the potential of Flip, a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) tool, to support the development of speaking ability in English as a Second Language (ESL) learners.

digitalwellbeing Digital Wellbeing Apps as an Intervention for Mobile Phone Overuse
Tom Cheng
Academic Paper, 2023

This paper reviews design principles contributing to mobile phone overuse and examines how the design of popular digital wellbeing apps mitigate mobile phone use.

formative Analysis of Formative
Tom Cheng
Report, 2022

This report analyses the strengths and weaknesses of Formative through the lens of Universal Design for Learning framework and proposes a Theory of Change for the platform.

Academic Research
onlineteaching Online Language Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic – What Has and Hasn’t Worked?
Tom Cheng
Oral Presentation, The 19th Asia TEFL International Conference, 2021

This presentation explores the challenges and possibilities of online language teaching in the Hong Kong context during the COVID-19 pandemic.

lac Language Across the Curriculum in support of English Language Education – Challenges and Possibilities in the Hong Kong context
Tom Cheng
Oral Presentation, The International Conference on English Language Education in the Chinese Context, 2018

This presentation discusses the theoretical advantages and practical difficulties of implementing Language across the Curriculum in Hong Kong.

popsongs Effectiveness of Pop Songs in Enhancing ESL Learners’ Intrinsic Motivation
Tom Cheng
Oral Presentation, The 16th Asia TEFL International Conference, 2018

This study investigates the effectiveness of using pop songs in regular English lessons in enhancing English-as-Second-Language (ESL) learners’ intrinsic motivation in a Hong Kong classroom.

cop The Online Community of Practice Co-constructed by EFL Teachers: Case Studies from Hong Kong, China and South Korea
Moonyoung Park, Tom Cheng
Oral Presentation, TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, 2017

This study investigates the benefits of an online community of practice (CoP) co-constructed by English teachers in three different EFL contexts.

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